All American Celebration

2022 Point of Perfection Skating Camp
July 3-8, 2022

5 day and 3 day Camp Options

Star Spangled Line of Guest Coaches

Max Aaron

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Joey Millet

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Rodrigo Menéndez

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Director Barb Yackel

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Registration will open January 15

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Is P.O.P. CAMP right for you?

At minimum skaters must be able to perform  basic skating elements which includes forward and backward edges, turns, and ½ rotation jump  (waltz jump, ½ flip, ½, lutz) Successful campers demonstrate independence at home, such as being able to take a shower and wash their own hair, get themselves dressed, etc. Counselors assist young skaters with everything they need, but skaters must be able to handle the basics

What is the best age to attend P.O.P. CAMP?

P.O.P. offers sessions for skaters ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old. Depending on the skater’s level and interest, they usually start attending camp between the ages of 8-10. Of course, you know your skater best and know whether they are ready for an active and challenging camp experience. (For ages 6-7 or over 18, please contact our camp manager at

Dan Riegelman, VP
Riedell Skate Co.”

A Tribute From Dan

Dear Barb:
Congratulations on 20 years of Point of Perfection Camp. It has been my privilege to be a part of each camp and Riedell Skate Co. Is honored that you have allowed us to be part of such a great camp.

Each year seems to be an improvement over the previous year and I am sure that every skater takes away an increased awareness of not only themselves in a personal growth aspect but as athletes with a renewed sense of commitment.

You and your outstanding  P.O.P. staff have provided each skater with a wonderful ability to grow as people and as skaters. I’m sure that every camp attendee has gone home each year with a renewed energy for the sport of ice skating.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to the skaters and for your wonderful promotion of skating.

What people are saying about us


What people are saying about us

I love Point of Perfection Skating Camp & I can’t wait to go back! The schedule is so well thought-out and the coaches are amazing!! Every day is full of fun & lots of learning. I’ve made so many new friends from different clubs.
Cassidy Wick, Pequot Lakes, MN

As a coach & Mom, I can’t say enough wonderful comments about POP Skating Camp. The coaching staff goes above and beyond your expectations! My daughter has learned so much plus has FUN doing so! Definitely a top-notch camp and worth every penny!
Lynn Wick , Pequot Lakes, MN

POP camp was a game-changer for our daughter. Savannah attended the first year she was able to, when she was 8. She came home a completely different skater! The staff coaches are amazing, and they do a great job of bringing in a variety of guest coaches that help skaters with all different aspects of the sport, Savannah has made many friends at camp, and enjoys seeing them at local competitions throughout the year. We can’t recommend the camp highly enough!
Pat & Heather Joyce
Cottage Grove, MN

I am thankful for P.O.P. because it has helped me continue to have a passion for my sport. Camp has helped me to be more dramatic and brave with choreography, acquire better jump & spin technique plus work with amazing coaches.
Acaiya Schultz – Mitchell, SD

The things I like best about POP are: Learning new moves, the coaches, the food, friendships and FUN!
Isaiah Schultz – Mitchell, SD

POP camp has been a blessing for us because the kids get an intense week of skating and workout with high level coaches and former Olympians. I can honestly look at our skaters before camp and after and notice a marked improvement in their skating. The other benefit to camp is that the kids have a screaming amount of fun. They make great memories and are sad when camp ends. They look forward to going again all year.
Patricia Schultz – Mitchell, SD
Acaiya & Isaiah’s Mom

Point of Perfection has been such an amazing learning experience and fun camp! It is like a tradition for us to go. Although we work hard and learn a lot it is almost like a fun vacation. We go to a lot of skating camps during the summer, but if we were told that we could only go to one, we would 100% choose POP camp! We have both been campers that stay in the dorms and have been commuter campers and both ways you still can get the full camp experience. Another plus to the camp is meeting the super star coaches they bring in. We love POP camp and hope other skaters get to experience all the fun and get to love the camp as much as we do.
Ashlyn Bergh and April Groff