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Is P.O.P. CAMP right for you?

At minimum skaters must be able to perform  basic skating elements which includes forward and backward edges, turns, and ½ rotation jump  (waltz jump, ½ flip, ½, lutz) Successful campers demonstrate independence at home, such as being able to take a shower and wash their own hair, get themselves dressed, etc. Counselors assist young skaters with everything they need, but skaters must be able to handle the basics

What is the best age to attend P.O.P. CAMP?

P.O.P. offers sessions for skaters ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old. Depending on the skater’s level and interest, they usually start attending camp between the ages of 8-10. Of course, you know your skater best and know whether they are ready for an active and challenging camp experience. (For ages 6-7 or over 18, please contact our camp manager at popskatecamp@gmail.com)