Camp Rules

Our Expectation

  • Anyone using inappropriate language or behavior will be dismissed from camp without a refund.  Parents will be notified and will be required to retrieve disruptive campers.
  • Damage to camp equipment will be assessed to the parent/guardians.
  • No smoking, use of alcoholic beverages or drugs will be allowed.
  • No skateboards, roller blades, or roller shoes in any building.
  • No running in buildings or jumping on furniture or beds.
  • The Arena Lodge is air conditioned; do not open windows.
  • Only camp, arena, and resort personnel are allowed in the kitchen.
  • After meals pick up your trays, cups and trash, take to the dirty dish area and follow the sign instructions.
  • Keep your rooms neat and tidy, hang wet towels on the hooks in your room, respect your roommates and their belongings.
  • Housekeeping will empty trash, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms daily.  Any items that are found will be taken to the lodge office.
  • 9:00 p.m. is wind down time, lights out at 9:30 p.m.
  • All campers must enter and exit the arena through the double glass doors in the front of the building.  The small arena doors are emergency exits only.
  • Remember the buddy system.  All campers must travel in two’s.  Never go off anywhere alone, and always let your counselors know when you leave and where you are going.


Please do not send your camper with NEW skates. Please pack band aids and moleskin for sore feet.

Bathroom facilities are not located in the dorm rooms. Campers should have a robe or cover up to walk to showers / bathrooms

Dorm is air conditioned; there are plug-ins for blow dryers and curling irons.