The Challenge is On

Friday July 17, 2020 / 8:30am-12:00pm

The Challenge is part of the camp curriculum & the highlight of the camp week !

Skaters will be divided into teams accumulating points that will determine A WINNING Gold, Silver & Bronze TEAM!!!!

Each skater will chose one event listed below

Event descriptions


  • Music must be on a CD
  • ALL music duration is limited to 1:30 (with a 10 second leeway) the music can be less the 1:30!

Costumes & Props or Handprops

  • Encouraged not mandatory.   See what you can find in your closet or borrow from a friend


  • Awards will be given within each group and over all team
  • Additional Individual AWARDS will be given in the following categories:

Dress to Impress
Classy & Sassy
Heart & Soul
2020 Coaches Award

Event Preparation

Please be prepared prior to your arrival at camp


Skaters are encourage to use numbers they’ve previous done.  Daily freestyle sessions at camp can be used for practice. The I.C.E. Factor Challenge was designed as a no pressure – FUN – event to bring out the artistic side of each skater!!!!!!!!!!


Event Descriptions


Best choice of skaters that don’t have a routine
Skaters will hear a piece of music once off the ice; twice during the group warm-up; and once more before competing while they mentally choreograph a skating routine – with no help from friends, parents or coaches. The emphasis is on the skater’s ability to choreograph an entertaining skating routine to music and not on the difficulty of the skating maneuvers performed.

Attire: Competition Skating Dress or skater’s choice of apparel
Skater does not provide music for this event – camp director will select music

Individual Spotlight /Showcase or Couples (2 Skaters) Spotlight /Showcase

This is an entertaining & “fun” routine that emphasizes the skater(s) acting ability and not technical skating skills.    There is no score for technical merit in this event.

CHARACTER – a famous or easily identifiable character.
LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT – an entertaining or light-hearted performance.
DRAMATIC – a theatrical performance that sets a mood and evokes an emotional response

Attire- Fits the theme of the program
Music – 1:30 in length /skater provides