Sabrina Logren Mann

Sabrina was a competitive skater for 13 years and trained on the East Coast for 9 years while honing her competitive and performance skills with world class coaches and choreographers on and off the ice. She is a 3 time Eastern competitor and has acquired 4 USFS gold medals in freestyle and ice dance. Her first love has always been creating art on ice and has happily shared that while performing around the world. Sabrina skated for Willy Bietak Productions while performing on ships with Royal Caribbean Cruises and currently performs with Ice Theatre of New York for various projects year round. In the last two years, she has taken on building her own curriculum for the electric spinner and has loved seeing her skaters flourish with the benefits of training their vestibular systems. She has been a full time coach for 12 years and has enjoyed the challenge of keeping up her skills while simultaneously building the skills of her skaters.